Meet Wind In Your Hair's Owner

Sueanne Clark at Sundance September 2007

Sueanne Clark on iPhone

Hello, I am Sueanne Clark, owner of Wind In Your Hair Riding. I had my first ride at the age of 6 months, when my Grandfather held me in his arms and cantered me around the paddock with him on his Thoroughbred mare Bonnie, in Melbourne, Australia, in 1951.

I was hooked, and started begging for a horse as soon as I could talk! I would cry myself to sleep at night because my parents wouldn't buy me one, but still I managed to ride fairly regularly all my life. I have ridden, exercised, and trained many different breeds throughout my life, including a string of polo ponies in Hawaii.

I have been teaching people of all ages (starting at age 4 and as old as 84) to ride since 1988.

In 1983 I rode a Paso Fino for the first time and knew then that it was the breed for me. In 1988 I became the trainer of a large heard of Paso Finos, and it has been pure love ever since. I purchased 7 of them in 1998 and started Wind In Your Hair Riding. At one time I had 17 Paso Finos in my herd!

I now have six Paso Finos, all of whom I raised from foals and trained. I still call them all my "babies"! Their sweet and gentle nature, incredibly smooth gaits, stamina, sure footedness and spirit (the Spanish call it ?"brio") makes them the most fun, exciting and comfortable ride anywhere.

We ride all year round, even in the snow! Come ride with us! 435-901-4644

Sueanne Clark on Ariel 2013

Sueanne and Sage on Windy Ridge

Sueanne at West Hills  2013

Sueanne and Sage 2013

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