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Just a few words from our guests about their experiences with Wind In Your Hair

Cody Christian

Great place to ride if you're experienced and don't want to do a boring trail ride where you just walk the whole time. Especially if you have never ridden paso fino horses. Sueanne was really fun to ride with and fun to talk to; her love for the horses really shows. She said they have 4000 acres to ride on, and we saw some beautiful mountain top views.

Mary Ann Campbell

All evening, I've been trying to pick the right words that would tell you what an incredible experience today was, but there truly are no words that would accurately do so. The feeling of peace and well-being continued as I took highway 32 toward Kamas. The drive was beautiful and not a single car was traveling my way, so it was possible to enjoy the scenery and imagine myself one day riding those mountains trails.

You are a gifted teacher and Tia Marie has learned all her lessons. I hope that I can do the same. We will be back for a week at Thanksgiving and a week at Christmas. Will you giving any lessons during the holidays?

We did indeed have the wind in our hair today; it was glorious!

With much gratitude for your kindness and patience.



We had big fun. HOT big fun... but big fun!!

Holly and her brother were so nice.. If you have Holly's email I'd love to send her a nice note, if you would fwd. her email I'd appreciate it.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful and loving animals with us. They were so happy to be hosed down and a juicy carrot after the long ride... AHHHH

I'd love to take a few lessons with you as well.

Mike & Michelle Kerby



Hi Sueanne,

I just wanted to say thank you and Cheyenne for the wonderful ride I had yesterday. It was one of the nicest rides I have ever had. Cheyenne was so well schooled and so full of 'Brio' it was like riding a thoroughbred but with the 'f'ear factor' taken out! I really enjoyed the 'gait', and my butt is only a tiny bit sore today, nothing like it usually is even after an hour's ride in the UK.

I loved your cozy tack room with the wonderful fire and your lovely welcome made me feel very relaxed. I am definitely going to see if anyone breeds Paso Finos in the UK when I get home.

Give Cheyenne a carrot from me, say Hi to Brit and a big thank you, Sueanne, for making my trip to Park City so enjoyable after my abysmal failure at downhill ski-ing!

Love and Best wishes,




Dear Sueanne,

Thank you again for such a wonderful experience yesterday with Magic. I am still feeling the joy I felt out on the trail. What magnificent horses and country--the day felt like a gift. I know from experience that horses who have real lives and are loved are as responsive and wonderful as yours out on the trail. Thank you for sharing them.

Thanks again and I am sure I will see you this spring. My hugs to Magic.

Sally McCartin



Hi Sueanne,

I had a great time riding this morning with Sherry everything was perfect. It was by far the most enjoyable trail riding I have done and Sherry was a great guide. The horses are obviously well cared for and loved. I am attaching a couple of photos of Tabitha sitting on Tia MariaÕs back Ð Sherry said you would like to see them.

Thanks again for a great vacation memory.

Dorothy Sharp



We found the most incredible instructor, Sueanne Clark with Wind In Your Hair, who gave Nina a 3-hour lesson about horses (including riding bareback). Nina did great, and we are so thankful to find this wonderful lady.

Mama P.



Hello Sueanne! It's Lindsay Norwick, I came to Park City a few times on Spring Break. I'm not sure you remember me, but I can never forget the experiences I had with your horses. You infected me with Paso Fino fever!

And as soon as I get enough money (and a car) I'll come out to visit again. Give Miss Tia Maria and Leilani a BIG hug for me!




Dear Ms. Sueanne,

Thank you so much for the greatest time in my life. I loved riding with you. I also enjoy checking out your web site. Because of my riding experience, I am able to understand about the activities that are going on in the pictures. Every time I look it brings back wonderful memories.

Tia Maria is the smoothest horse I have ever ridden on. Tell her I said hi and thank you for the memories. I tell all of my friends about you and your bea-u-ti-ful horses. I am really hoping that my mom and I can come back in March during your winter riding. I can not wait for that day(s)!!!

Ms. Sueanne, I am so amazed that your horses are so tame and calm. I was so surprised when all the baby horses came up to my mom to look and smell all the things she had. I can't really tell you in words how much I enjoyed riding and appreciated you. I am so grateful to a have a kind warm-hearted guide and friend as you are.

Love from Georgia,

P.S. Now my favorite horse is a Paso Fino. No doubt about it!



Dear Sueanne,

Cooo-eese from Florida!

My friends ask about my ski trip and all I can talk about is the awesome experience I had with you and your beautiful horses.

I was planning to send you some pictures but my shampoo bottle leaked all over my camera on the flight home. Anyway the pictures could never compare to the beautiful memories I'll carry with me always.

Thank you! Fondly, Terri



Thank you for such a wonderful day. We love riding our show horses, but there's something so vast (for lack of a better word) about riding in the open like that. My daughter said it felt almost like riding naked out in the open. She loved it and is already begging to come back for spring break. I called my friends as soon as we returned to tell them all about it!

Thanks again for making us feel so welcome. I'd love to get some of the wind in your hair clothing when it is available. I can't say thanks enough! Joy



Dear Sueanne

Many thanks for the wonderful week you provided Celeste with in August. I thought she would have been tired of riding after Thursday, but Friday she was most upset when she couldn't go again. She just never quite gets her fill! Not only did she enjoy the riding completely, but I think just spending all that time around the horses was great fun for her too.

Many thanks for driving her and for letting her hang around with you. I believe it was the most valuable time for her. We are sending you a little gift that will come separately. We hope you will enjoy. Thanks again for helping make Celeste's week special.

Most Sincerely, Rozzy Kohl (Celeste was an eight year old and very good little rider.)




Thanks to you and your "babies" for a truly magnificent day. It was the best day of our vacation. Your horses reflect your love and care in their enjoyment of the trail. They took great care of all of us and especially Michael. Best of luck to you and the herd.

John, Ann, Michael adn Brian



Hi There Sueanne!

We had such a great day. Can't tell you how much we enjoyed everything. You made a believer out of me when it comes to saddles! Hope all is going well. We wish you the best and hope your business continues to grow and thrive.

Again, thanks for a great day and getting to know you. JoAnn and Dee



Thank you for a wonderful experience. Give Azure a hug for me!

Love, Susannah Julien




Thank you for a wonderful day! We really had a good time. We will be sure to look you up next time we're in Park City.

Judy and Meagan Eddy




Dear Sueanne,

How can I thank you for a wonderful Sunday? I have never felt so good about riding like I did on Sunday. Everything was perfect from putting Magic's halter on to jumping those few jumps on the side of the road, to saying, "I'll see you soon".




I'm writing to thank you for a wonderful time horseback riding during our honeymoon in Park City. Both Craig and I believe it was the highlight of our stay there. We hope to visit again sometime and we will definitely look you up. Attached is a beautiful picture you took of us which we treasure. If you ever want to visit Puerto Rico let me know and I will try to get you some information for your trip. Maybe you both can go horseback riding Paso Finos there by the beach like I once did. Bless you and thanks again.

Sincerely, Rose & Craig



Your horses are so well trained and they love to go out on the trail. This was no plod along. I never dreamed that I would learn how to jump over logs and ford a small river out trail riding. The Paso Finos gave me such a smooth ride that being out for two and a half hours seemed like only one hour. I don't know who was more surprised, the cow moose or me. The cotton tail bunnies were so cute. That long gallup above the lake through the Junipers was thrilling. I'll be back for more "wind in my hair".



Dear SueAnne & Laura,

Just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed riding with you. I will definitely tell everyone going that way about your operation. Give hugs and pats to all the horses, especially to Sequoia.

Sincerely, Kathy

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