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1. Gloves:  Generally, ski gloves are too thick and you can't feel the reins. Double layer polar fleece gloves are better.

2. Bring silk glove liners or one size fits all stretchy glove liners to wear with them.

3. Hand and and toe warmers.

4. Warm hat (Beanie or Skull Cap style) that covers the ears, and/or an ear band and neck gator.

5. Sunglasses or snow goggles are important in case of snow or wind.

6. Layers on your top and bottom work best, and will keep you warm. NO COTTON ANYWHERE ON YOUR BODY, (including jeans) because when you perspire your fingers and toes will freeze. Wear clothing that will wick away the moisture. Long Johns and ski pants are ideal. Sheepskins on all the saddles add additional warmth and security in the saddle.

7. Warm boots that are designed for the snow. Sorrels work okay but are not ideal. No leather or tennis shoes. Your feet will freeze!

8. Socks: Wear two layers. The first layer is a sock liner which will wick away the moisture and the second layer is wool, smart wool, or polar fleece. Again, no cotton or cotton blends. ( Remember your feet will freeze)

9. Lip balm and sunscreen.

10. Smart phone or Camera if you want to record your experience. 

11. Ski helmet or riding helmet if you have your own. (Riding helmets are provided.)

12. Wind and water proof jacket.

13. A 20 oz. to 24 oz. sports water bottle. No screw cap tops as these are hard to manage with gloves on a horse in the winter!

We have water bottle holders and accessory pockets on the saddles. We also have leather "toggles" to tie extra layers of clothing to the saddle.

We have spares of just about everything in case you can't bring the above mentioned items. Please call Sueanne to discuss if this is the case: 435-901-4644

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